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The Regiment Lifestyle

  • You Are What You Eat

    A healthy diet usually associated with boring food. We prove it wrong. Regiment’s creators work with 400 different ingredients combined infusion recipes that deliver most glamourous dishes. There is nothing boring about that. As a matter of fact, it will make you feel like you are dining in a 5-star restaurant.

    Our healthy meal plans can help you achieve:

    Weight loss
    Weight management
    Muscle building
    Hormonal balance
    Increased energy level
    Improved sleeping pattern


How it works

Your lifestyle change starts with a decision to make the first step. With every step to follow, we can help!

All you need to do is contact us via phone or email and arrange a meeting with our personal manager who will be assigned to assist you through the process.

The consultation will be scheduled at your convenient time at our venue where you will be offered meal samples.

We will ask you questions which help us understand your needs better and build a ‘client profile’. Afterword, menu selections will be made, our chefs will be briefed on your specific requirements and food preparation can start.

24 hours later, you will receive your first healthy food package!

During the first week, you will be asked to send regular feedback in case any adjustments are needed.

Meal plan that works for you

Our meal plans are tailored for your busy schedule. All our clients reserve the right to ‘freeze’ and resume their food delivery as many times as needed. All we need is a 24hr notice to implement the change. And yes, you only pay for those days when the food was delivered.